2016 releases

Hails! Our long-expected (at least, for me and, as I hope, for you as well) new releases are finally out. We have done the laborious job and are pleased with everything. Huge thanks to you all for supporting us. We live in not the best of times, but we are stronger than ever.
A special kudos to the bands who recorded Nokturnal Mortum covers for “22 Years Among the Sheep” project. It was an enormous gift for us. I listen to all these songs with pleasure, they come out in new light for me. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Heritage Recordings for good realization and efficiency.
I shake hands with my friend and brother Rob Darken. We did this split finally, and this is great. Graveland songs are magnificent. I am an old fan of the band, and you truly surprised me. Something new has intertwined with the spirit of your beginning and mysterious atmosphere. I eagerly wait for your new full-length album.
Speaking about our material for the split release. Basically this is experimental work, that’s why there is no sense to draw parallels between it and our next full-length “Verity” (this is more accurate translation of “Істина” title, than “The Truth”). As you could notice, all our records are different, and we shall keep the same approach in the future. At the same time with “Verity” we work on long experimental EP entitled “Біль” (“Hurt”) and still think in what order we will release these two records. We divided the material on principle of lyrical subjects, which influenced the music itself.
Modern times make us to do so, because too many things happen among us and around us. Thanks to you all! We are with you.
Varggoth, March of 2016.